I was on TV! Outside of my Cosmetics brand I am a freelance MUA, Metria Cosmetics and I was featured in a segment on ABC Network!

Katrina Lokko is a Magazine Editor, TV Talk Show Host, Speaker, Author, Consultant and the CEO of the FMD Global Network and Bold & Unique Magazine. I had the privilege of doing her makeup a few occasions as well as listening to her share her stories about her skin struggles. Katrina struggles with eczema and psoriasis. Her skin breaks out causing skin irritations, scales and inflammation. As a part of my job, I usually supply my clients with quality makeup and skincare. Usually this skincare and makeup is my brand, Metria Cosmetics. She has used my brand for a little over a yeat now and it hasn’t caused her any skin irritations, inflammation, or breakouts. All of my products are plant-based, paraben free, organic, alcohol free, and cruelty-free! We work hard to focus on the quality of our brand and our products!


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